how to make money or earn money from blogging for beginners

Earn Money from Blogging
Earn Money from Blogging

Earn Money from Blogging, it is time to try some new things right Lockdown. All that you need read this blog and so if you want to start a blog for the first time or take your current blog and turn it into something that can actually make money and be a functioning business in the comfort of your own home.

I’ve got some tips for starting a blog in your 2020 lockdown. you really need to start with the business plan so you have to stop looking at your blog as just this website (Rewliya) that you’re creating that’s going to have some like fun pictures on it and you know enables.

Earn Money from Blogging

you to tap into your creative spirit okay first and foremost you’re always running a business so you need to have a business plan which means you need to start writing things down like who’s your target audience that is simply the people that you’re trying to reach.

The most are they stay-at-home moms are they traveling people are they knitters are they bakers are they you know pet sitters whatever your target audience is you need to have a very clearly defined paragraph.

That could point them out easily in a crowd right so for example, we targeting stay-at-home moms you’ll want to say something along the lines of I’m targeting stay-at-home moms in particular that have five kids under the age of five or large families .

Business plan

Something like that within that business plan you’ll also want to have a Content plan that is a list of ideas of the things that you’re going to post and you’ll also want to bounce around.

Some product ideas so no functioning business out there is going to lack in offering products or services and/or services because technically you could do both.

So you want to be able to monetize your brand in some way outside of making money through the typical routes like adrevenue or affiliate income that is all good and well and I absolutely think you should have that within your business .

It’s not the only thing you should have in your back pocket you should absolutely be monetizing just your brand on your own and also have control over .


How it is monetized that is having control over the products that you create or the services you offer so you can make money within your business plan.

It’s also important to make sure that you clearly define your very specific niche so it’s 2020 alright gone are the days where you can just be a mommy blogger or a personal finance blogger etc and so forth.

you need to become very specific now part of identifying your specific niche is really just clearly defining your audience so the main group of people that you really want to reach .

So once you have that figured out its kind offer in with your niche and you can clearly define what your very specific niche should be if you need some help trying to decide what kind of niche.

How to Select Niche

The niche that you have chosen so if you have been a food blogger for busy moms for the past five years or even the past year or the past month.

You know for sure and for certain that specific niche is the one that you want to stick to for the next ten years then that’s what you have to stick took.

So if you start having a sudden passion for knitting or maybe you’ve always had the passion but now you want to start writing about it you can’t integrate those two topics.

They’re simply too different ok people that are looking for paleo recipes and our busy moms are not necessarily interested in knitting so if that is the case .

You feel that God is truly calling you to write about those two separate topics then God is also telling you to start to separate blogs.

Start brainstorming Earn Money from Blogging product and /or service ideas from day number one and if you’ve been blogging for 300 days then start right now like I mentioned.

Earn Money from Blogging
Earn Money from Blogging

In tip number one being able to have complete control over something that you can make money from is very powerful in a business .

It enables you to have a lot of freedom so while creating products or offering services can be time-consuming and very draining and stressful .

That can also be one of the biggest money may within your blogging business when you depend on things like ad revenue.

you’re really chaining yourself to a couple of different elements that are out of your control.

Products or services

What time of the year is it because advertisers will pay more around Christmas time and then how many page views are you getting each month because that’s going to dictate.

How much you’re making that’s fine and you can work within those guidelines but you need to Earn Money from Blogging diversify your income streams in order to actually make more money .

so the number one thing I would suggest to you is that if I had to choose one way that I was going to make money on my blog it would be through products and/or services.

So I would create my own online courses or ebooks or workbooks or things of that nature or on the other end Earn Money from Blogging of the spectrum I could offer consulting or some sort of service to someone else a VA service a Pinterest VA service.

Important rules for Blogging

It’s just important to be able to have more control over how you can make your money tip number four you need to get help when you can eat as lice of humble pie my friend.

If you are not good at creating Pinterest pins and it takes you 10 times longer than it really should you’re wasting time creating.

Pinterest pins they’re an integral part of your business you need to have good looking social media graphics Earn Money from Blogging but that’s something that you could easily hire out.

Now at the beginning of your blogging journey and I did the same thing you’re not likely to actually spend loads of money.

so I understand that hiring out some of those tasks, in the beginning.

Is not going to be something that you can do and work hard right now and Read More

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