How to make money on TikTok

How to make money on TikTok
How to make money on TikTok

Tik Tok has a lot of interestright now and not a lot of content. So those who are creating content are Seeing crazy views and some people are going viral literally overnight. Here’s the thing ,the same thing happened to Instagram just a few years ago.

How to make money on TikTok

People got interested in this app that was normally just for teenagers, but they thought that the way to make money through Instagram was to get a lot of followers and read more.

But now that we see Instagram as a full-blown marketing tool for business where you don’t actually need a lot of followers, I can see that more and more people are looking to Tik Tok.

They don’t want to wait years to figure out the platform and how to monetize it.

They want to jump on it early so that they can capitalize on all the interest today and start making money from Tik Tok.

So if that’s you, if you’re interested in jumping on a platform early and looking at how to actually monetize your following. And today I’m covering Tik Tok.

Yes, another social media app that a lot of people have their eye on and a lot of people are making money from. So based on my research, here are six ways that I see people monetizing Tik Tok today.

The first way people are making money from Tik Tok is growing accounts and then selling them. So this is becoming more and more population the e-Commerce or product space.

Similar to Instagram, you’re going to choose a niche and then go ahead and create entertaining content, Ideally content that goes viral to attract and draw that person who would be the ideal customer for your product.

So there are people in the space today who are growing Tik Tok profiles around a certain interest.

Usually it’s a niche topic and they might not have anything to sell, but they’re going to reach out to brand sin that industry and sell their Tik Tok profile to them and people are legit making money this way.

First way to make money

The good news for product brands is once they have that account in their hands, it’s actually fairly easy to sell products.

One way that people are selling products is through Tik Tok live. They are launching products while live streaming or they’re actually holding kind of auctions while live streaming.

And of course there is the link in the bio where you can always drive your followers to purchase your product.

So if you’re the type of person to love Tik Tok, and you just want to grow a following around a certain topic and really build that community around a certain topic, go for it and then reach out to those brands who would love to have access to those followers and sell them your account.

How to make money on TikTok

Second way to make money

The second way people are making money from Tik Tok is going live and collecting donations from viewers. This feature of Tik Tok, I find fascinating. It’s really a built-in monetization platform, literally from day one.

So from what I’ve seen, here’s how it works. When you’re a Tik Tok user, you can go into your profile and purchase something called coins. So for a hundred coins, I think it’s like $1.39 from what I saw.

I’m in the settings of my account right now and I’m just going to balance and it’s showing me that I have a balance of zero.

Haven’t bought any coins, but I can recharge. And for a hundred coins it’s going to cost $1.39.Now what do I do with these coins?

The way this is designed is that when one of my favorite creators is going live, I can actually send them coins as kind of a way to give thanks for all of their effort in creating the content they do.

What does the creator do with this coin? The creator turns the coins into diamonds and those diamonds can be converted into cash via PayPal. Cool, right?

So if you build up a profile yourself, you have a lot of followers, your followers have the ability to donate coins to you.

Which turn into diamonds in your account, which you can then convert into cash through PayPal. On the Chinese version of TikTok, that app’s called Buy in there is a next-level feature similar to this.

Third way to make money

When creators are live, they can actually attach a shopping cart to a product that they sell. So it’s kind a like QVC or the shopping channel. You can go live, hold an auction, from what I can see, and people can buy your product while you’re live through the shopping cart feature.

So my guess is this feature is going to come to accounts worldwide sooner rather than later. The third way to make money from TikTok is to manage influencer campaigns.

This isn’t a new idea. There are straight up influencer agencies to serve Instagram influencers already. So the same concept applies to Tik Tok.You can be the middleman or the broker between a creator on Tik Tok and a brand who wants to work with that influencer.

Tik Tok as a platform is smart

So from creating the agreement, managing both parties, making sure the deliverables are all met, just being that coordinator.

you can charge a service feet manage campaigns like that.

Tik Tok as a platform is smart. They actually have an internal influencer program already built-in.

So if I’m a big brand and I want to reach out to Tik Tok and say, Hey, this is the space I’m in, what influencer should I work with? I can do that. It’s so smart.

The only thing is I’m going to pay a percentage based on Tik Tok brokering that agreement.

So that’s why there is already a service where other parties or agencies can make that agreement outside of Tik Tok. It helps brands save a little bit of money.

How to make money on TikTok

Fourth way you can make money

The fourth way you can make money from Tik Tok is by using their ads platform. So just like Facebook and Instagram ads How to make money on TikTok, you can go Google right now, Tik Tok ads and sign up for access to their ads platform and Read More.

So this is pretty self-explanatory if you’ve ever run paid traffic before, but if your market’s on Tik Tok.

It might be worth you creating a few ads, putting some budget towards experimenting there and seeing what happens. Maybe you can sell more of your products through Tik Tok.

fifth way you can make money

The fifth way you can make money from TikTok is by offering management services for creators on the app.

So you might’ve seen this, but some creators on Tik Tok have millions of followers and sometimes this happens really fast and overnight for that creator.

It’s like having a business land in their lap so you could step in and offer services to help them How to make money on TikTok with their content strategy, their creative strategy, maybe managing offers and deals that come their way.

But if you’re, if you kind of have that background in production or story telling, you could definitely apply that to offering management services to Tik Tok creators.

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