How To Start Earning Money While Studying?

How To Start Earning Money
How To Start Earning Money

How To Start Earning Money

The time which we waste daily on Facebook and WhatsApp can be utilized by trying to have a passive income by just sitting at home online.

If we can do so, How To Start Earning Money we don’t have to ask for money for our parents for every little thing.

After being admitted to college, everyone’s expense increases.

And then we feel hesitated to ask for moneyto our parents for every little things.

So if we can earn at least our own pocket money we can stay tension free.

So today, in this blog you will get solutions forth is a life problem. During college life we have two resources full- 1)time and 2) energy.

And the resource which we lack most is money.

So i will talk about only those ways of passive income which mainly required time and energy but requirement of money is low or even doesn’t required at all.

Smart idea 1: Youtube

Youtube For the students the best way for passive income is youtube. No other platform is as simple and as big as this, for generating passive income. Because there is no strict rule that you must have to upload a video daily weekly or month l and even there is no deadline. Whenever you get free time You can work as you like. So freedom is full.

Next point is investment. Here required investment is also best way for income. As you are watching this video, so it can be considered that you have a android phone in which you have a unlimited data plan. So if you want you can easily make videos by just using this phone.

It will be better if you have laptop or desktop. And also you can open youtube account and adsense account free of cost. So the required investment to start a youtube channel is totally zero.

And once you become popular on YouTube then you will be able to earn not just the pocket money but also the total expenses of your family. You just have to keep 2 things in your mind before starting a YouTube channel.

  1. The topic on which you are starting your channel must be one of your favourite topics. So that you love what you do.

2.You are at least better than Normal people in that work. Means you are interested in that work. On youtube , At the starting of a video there are some advertisements shown and YouTube shares a percentage of the money earned from that advertisement with the video creator.

And this ads are served by google adsense. So after creating a youtube account, you have to link that with a adsense account.

Smart idea 2: affiliate marketing

If you have a huge amount of friends or followers on social media like FB page or Instagram account then you will be able to earn money just by promoting a product by posting the affiliate link for that product on your social media account. Flipkart, Amazon has an option called affiliate program.

How To Start Earning Money

First you have to join by creating a account in affiliate program. Obviously this is absolutely free. Then you can generate affiliate link of any product and post it on your social media account. After that you can request your friends and followers that if they like that product then they can buy the product by following that link.

If someone visits the website by clicking on that link and within the next 24 hrs if you hear she buy a product from that website, even if they buy some other products, then also you will get a commission on that.

Because you have promoted the website by posting that link on your social media account. But, in this case, first of all, you must have some followers who trust you. And you have to build that trust first.

Smart idea 3: freelancing

If you are an expert in any of these kind of jobs like typing, article writing, video editing or logo designing which can be delivered through online to your customers, then you can earn money by opening a free account indifferent freelancing websites like fiverr. combine providing that particular type of service.

Here how it works, suppose you provide the service of logo designing. So sometimes, if a company wants to design their own logo they may visit and search there.

Now if they like your profile, they will place you an order to design a logo for them.

If you agree to provide the service with in the given deadline and successfully submit it within that date then they will pay you the money through that website. Here the minimum fee is 5 dollars.

Now the thing is, if you are working as a freelancer then there is no fixed surety of getting new order within How To Start Earning Money a fixed limited time, and also after getting an order you will be given a deadline and you have to deliver your service before that.

Also at first you will be required a lot of patience, because only after you will complete many successful orders, when your work record will look good then you will get orders easily. Because everyone wants to hire an experienced and expert freelancer. Most of them don’t prefer new comers.

Smart idea 4: photography

In this idea of internet, demand of new photography sharing increasing day by day. It may be for a website or article or presentation. The scope of earning money through photography has been increased exponentially because of the increase of the demand of digital images in commercial use.

So if you love photography and you have a good camera (maybe a dslr or you phone’s camera) then you can earn money by clicking good photos. You can open free account in different stock photography websites like or in stock photo. Easily you can sell your photos over there.

Smart idea 5: blog/ website

This idea is at the last because this requires some technical knowledge and in the case of the website sat first you will also need some money for investment. Although in this case, the amount you will earn is much more than the amount earned by the other ways.

If you face some difficulties in making videos then the best idea for you can be starting blog. By opening a free account in google blooger you can start your own blog by writing about on your favourite topics.

Or if you have 2k or 3k rupees for investment then you can hire someone to build a website for you and How To Start Earning Money then you can start posting any of our websites. The more the number of visitors will increase the more your blog or website will go upward in search ranking.

And then by putting ads in your website or blog you can earn money while you are sleeping. The main thing is stop wasting time.

Because getting admitted to college means, it is time to learn to take your own responsibilities son your own. So in place of wasting time, you have to utilize that doing some creative work which is meaning ful to you and also from which you get some financial support.

Because it is the best time to invest money and energy for your dream career. If you just simply waste this time out of nothing then in future there will be no other option than regretting and blaming others.

At last let’s sum up the summary article.

How To Start Earning Money The best 5 ways to generate passive income in student life are 1.Youtube 2.Affiliate marketing 3.Freelancing 4.Photography 5.Blog/website

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