Onion Teaches Lessons 2020

Onion Teaches Lessons 2020
Onion Teaches Lessons 2020

Stopping the consumption of onions in food for the poor.

Onion Teaches Lessons 2020, Inflation in the country has been rising for a long time now. There are several reasons for this, but one of them is that the rise in onion prices should be noted. While onion prices are currently declining, it is unlikely that they will ever again. They keep popping up until the onion prices hit the dots repeatedly and find lasting solutions.

I will purchase the onions on scarce and prices are on the rise, our government has become accustomed to banning onion exports and haphazardly importing it while the problem is alleviated. Even if actual onion prices go up, there is no benefit to the farmer.

There is nothing wrong with stopping the consumption of onions in food for the poor. But it is only the stockholders and blacksmiths who are benefiting from the rise in onion prices.

Good for the people .harm to the parties

The saying that the mother does not make good onion. But politicians often feel that this is not all that is bad in the election. In 1978, when the prices of onions hit, the Indira Congress was able to come to power in the 1980s. Indira Gandhi, who was defeated in 1977, managed to regain power within three years. In 1998, the rise in onion prices brought the Bharatiya Janata Party government to Delhi and Rajasthan.

Increased onion prices in 2010 and 2013 have put a strain on the Congress-led UPA government. When the prices of essential commodities go unchecked, governments will have a hard time keeping up. The public’s inability to keep up with the daily commodity prices is considered by the people and punished in the elections. Emotional slogans and policies are in front of it.

Economic formulas analyzes, and forecasts, such as industrial production fluctuations, exports, and imports, unemployment rate, fiscal policy, shortage of investment and inflation, are not common. People will respond only when they are truly exposed to the onslaught of these indicators. Everyday life issues dictate their voting pattern. Bringing in the ruling parties.

Onion Teaches Lessons 2020
Onion Teaches Lessons 2020

Onion Teaches Lessons 2020

The rise in onion prices is such a daily problem. Recently, onion prices in some cities have gone up to Rs 200 per kg. After importing large quantities of onions from abroad, the prices have started to decline, but the rulers will be able to see the same in the future.

Explaining that this year’s untimely rains caused the loss of the onion crop and added to the market deficits, the government looked to make this a temporary problem. And it is lacking the consciousness to find a solution on a permanent basis.

GDP growth has slowed, retail market inflation has risen to 7.35 percent in the last five years, food prices have risen to 14.12 percent, and onion and other vegetables have contributed to 60.5 percent of food inflation. It is not impossible to keep prices onion constant annually.

Onion production in India

Onion production in India is not the same as takwa. Probably less than the country’s needs, but it is nothing less than the onion demand. Governments feel that it is not their job to care about business. That was a mistake. Governments and economists care about demand, not the real needs of the people.

They must have sufficient purchasing power to meet their needs. You can’t buy things without that power. As a result, there is no increase in demand in the market. In 1998, Delhi Chief Minister Sahib Singh Verma said that poor people cannot afford to buy onions. As a result, the post was lost.

The demand for all classes needs billions of tonnes of onion bulbs annually. Onions now produce over 2.3 billion tonnes. In an Year 2012-13, 1.68 crore tonnes of onion was produced, and by 2018-19, it has increased by 40 per cent to nearly 2.35 crore tonnes.

India accounts for 19% of global onion production. When the other onion will produced beyond demand, the surplus product is always stored and can be recovered every three to four years when there is a shortage. Onion prices are currently high because of such precaution.

What is the storage-distribution mechanism?

Union Food and Public Distribution Minister Ramvilas Paswan told Parliament that prices of onions have risen by 400 percent since March last year. Have been with the onset of the monsoon delay is 2019-20, the planting of the onion crop was delayed for three to four weeks. Crop area is also reduced.

During the harvest season, unprecedented rains in Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh caused the crop to collapse. Paswan said these were the causes of the onion shortage. Today, climate change is changing monsoons.

It is true that the government does not have the means to prevent this, but there is much that can be done.

The next problem must be addressed by properly assessing the onion demand and preparing a storage-distribution mechanism to meet it. But the government failed in this regard. This will failure is seen not only in one onion crop but also in other fruits and vegetables.

Prices go up during times of scarcity, and farmers’ incomes don’t rise. In such cases, only the traders and merchants are benefiting.

All other categories are needed

When the Lok Sabha raged on the onion issue, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said his family had no habit of eating onions. Her family is very much like the country. Hundreds of years of onion and garlic have been untouched by families and castes all over the country.

They believe that the onion is a tamarind food and that eating it will cause lethargy and lethargy. The Jains do not even come close to onion and garlic for some reason. Chinese traveler Huyen Tsang, who visited India in the seventh century AD, writes that Indians eat onions and eat them out of their hometowns.

It should not be assumed that there were such people in all countries in ancient times. In many other countries, onions are considered precious and sacred. Because the Onion Teaches Lessons 2020 are enclosed within a circle, the ancient Egyptians regarded them as symbols of adoration and eternity.

When the pharaohs (emperors) died, they put onions in their graves.

It will be believed that the pharaohs will take them to heaven along with them. In other words, the Middle Ages, onions were given as gifts in European countries. The days have changed.

Now, Onion Teaches Lessons 2020 do not have to be termed food, meek food, pure or useless.

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