10 Preparations You Should Make Before Using Yoga.

Preparations Before Using Yoga

Preparations Before Using Yoga

What is Yoga: Yoga practice is an ancient method of India that enhances physical and mental health. By Preparations Before Using Yoga is doing easy yoga regularly and in the right way, one gets a healthy body and a beautiful mind. In order to stay fit and healthy nowadays, yoga is being done in health-clubs, schools, and hospitals, but before doing yoga, it is very important to know its rules. If you do not use precautions while doing yoga, you may have disadvantages instead of having benefits of yoga. Today we are going to tell you about some such rules, from which you can take full advantage of yoga. So let’s know some important rules about yoga.

Preparations Before Using Yoga

How many times do we imagine a person doing a headstand in front of some pictorial background and say ‘Yoga is not for me’? After knowing these 10 unique beginner yoga tips, you will be forced to think again. This is an easy way to start your yoga practice and reap the benefits of yoga. Read them and find yourself doing yoga in front of a beautiful background.

Rules of Yoga

Prepare the body before yoga-Just as it is necessary to warm-up before exercise, similarly it is very important to warm-up before doing yoga. Therefore, before doing Yogasan, Preparations Before Using Yoga do light exercise to warm up the body. This will open your body and become flexible. If you want, you can also do subtle postures for this.

Do not do yoga immediately after meals

In the morning or evening, never do yoga immediately after meals. Always do yoga around 3 hours after eating. Apart from this, you can also do yoga on an empty stomach in the morning. Vajrasana is the only yoga that can be done after meals.

Preparations Before Using Yoga

Do not start with yoga difficult

When beginning yoga asana, choose mild asanas. No matter how much practice you have, but yoga should not be started with any difficult posture. If you start doing hard yoga without preparing the body, then there is a fear of getting hurt.

Perfect time to do yoga

Yoga can be done at any time before the sun rises and after the sun sets, but do not do yoga during the day. Doing yoga in the morning gives more benefits. But even if for some of the Preparations Before Using Yoga reason you are not able to do yoga in the morning, you can do half an hour before eating food in the evening or at night. Take care that your stomach is not full. Therefore, do yoga for 3-4 hours after meals and 1 hour after taking a light breakfast.

Do not drink cold water during yoga

Drinking cold water in the middle while doing yoga can be dangerous for you. The body becomes warm after physical activity during yoga. In such a situation, drinking cold water can cause colds, phlegm, and allergy. So drink normal water only during and after yoga.

Do not do yoga in sickness

If you have any serious problem, more pain in joints, waist, knees, then consult a doctor to do yoga. Apart from this, one should not go to the bathroom while doing yoga, but the water of his body should come out through sweat.

Do not pose yoga incorrectly

Do the yoga as instructed by the instructor. Wrong posture can cause back pain, knee discomfort or stretch in muscles. Apart from this, if you have problems with your back, knees or muscles, then consult the trainer before doing yoga.

Do not take a bath immediately after yoga

Do not take a bath immediately after performing Yogasan but take a bath after some time. Because the body becomes warm after any exercise or other physical activity, and if you take a bath completely, there may be problems like colds, colds, body pain. So take a bath after one hour of doing yoga.

Preparations Before Using Yoga

Focus during yoga

Turn off your mobile phone while doing yoga. Because while doing this, your attention should not go around. Apart from this, do not create an atmosphere of laughter and fun, it may cause you a wrong step in yoga.

Take advice from experts for yoga

Often people start reading TV or a book to do yoga, but yoga should always be done with the advice of an expert. Apart from this, if you are doing yoga to get rid of some disease, then do not forget to consult the expert.

Keep these things in mind for yoga are:-

1. Doing yoga in open and fresh air is considered best. However, if it is not possible to do this, then do asana on any empty space.

2. While doing yoga, take special care of sensitive organs like weak knees, waist, spine, and neck. If you have any kind of problem or pain, then slowly get yourself out of that posture.

3. Always male and female should wear loose and comfortable clothes while doing yoga. You can also do yoga by wearing a T-shirt or track pants.

4. Remember that you do not perform any Yogasanas with a jerk, nor do you come out of the yoga posture with a jerk. Apart from this, do yoga as much as you can easily. Try to increase the practice slowly, do not do too much yoga.

5. Whenever you are preparing to do yoga asana, remove the jewelry, neck chain, watch, bracelet, etc. Because wearing them you may have problems with yoga posture. Even these things can hurt you.

6. Children under 3 years of age should not do yoga.

7. Children above or up to 3-7 years of age can do light yoga exercises.

8. Children above the age of 7 years can do all types of yoga. Do not do difficult asanas and Kapal Bharati at all during pregnancy.

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