Difference between Nofollow and Dofollow Backlinks

nofollow and dofollow

Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Whenever we talk about it, there are some common words that have great importance. nofollow and dofollow, Such as bots, crawling, No index, Do index, No follow, Do follow, etc. All these words have equal importance in SEO.

nofollow and dofollow

Types of Nofollow and Dofollow backlinks

Backlinks are mainly of two types. 1. Dofollow Backlinks 2. Both types of backlinks have their own special feature. There is no need to understand your power now. Surely you will definitely have some or the other. Nofollow backlinks “My distant relative is the MLA” This line is clear that there will not be much light but if needed, some work will come.

Every person who starts blogging thinks about SEO after posting some articles. Now though there are many types of SEO as well, most people focus only on Backlinks. Even today many new bloggers make backlinks in comments by searching websites on Google.

In this process, they meet Dofollow and Nofollow links. As a blogger, it is very important for you to know the links between these two types.

Before doing SEO of any website, you must take care of some things. Suppose you started a new blog, you gave this information to your friends through Facebook and WhatsApp, but how will Google know that there is such a website on the Internet.

nofollow and dofollow

Is a link Dofollow or NoFollow how to check?

If you have opened a website in the browser and you want to check a link, then right-click on it and select Inspect element. This will open the HTML code of that website in a window below. If that link is no follow, then you will also see rel = no follow with the link. The do follow link does not contain a rel-tag.

If you want to no follow all external links on a page, then use Meta robots in the header of the page.

If another website has no followed the links on your article from this process, then you cannot detect this thing by inspecting the link. In such a situation, you will have to right-click on that webpage and choose “View page source” in the options. After this, the source code of that website will open in the second tab. There, press CTRL + F to search for robots. You will find the meta tag mentioned above in the header of that website.

Therefore, first of all, it is very important to generate the XML Sitemap of your website and submit it to Google. For your information, tell us that the XML Sitemap contains a link to all the pages and posts of your blog. You can easily generate it with the help of the Yoast Seo plugin. When you submit an XML Sitemap to Google Search Console, Google bots will come to your website, crawl your pages and Google will index them in their database.

After this, whenever a user searches Google on your website and something related to the posts in it, Google will show your website or blog from its database.

What are Do follow and No follow Link?

Whenever a website gives a link to your website on an article or page, the search engine bots follow that link. With this, your website gets Link Juice. With this, the ranking and domain authority of the website also improves.

If you too have just started your blogging career and you are learning about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Link Building, then it is very important to know about Dofollow and Nofollow links.

nofollow and dofollow
In this post, we will learn about Nofollow and Do follow in detail.

For this, you will have to submit your blog’s sitemap to google. When you submit the sitemap, then google bots (you can also call it a spider. Their job is to go to a website and scan all the data there), will crawl your blog and index your site. So that a reader can find you in the search engine.

Now it is up to you that you want the page to be indexed in the search engine by the cone and not by the cone. We can do this through the index and no index.

So let’s talk about Nofollow and Dofollow.

No Follow means Only humans will be able to follow links.

Example of Nofollow Link:

<a href=” https://www.abc.com” rel=”nofollow”> blog </a>

Dofollow links allow Google to crawl or follow the link. If a webmaster is linking to you again through this link, then both Search Engine and humans will be able to follow you.

When you link a website or page, use the Targeted Keyword as anchor text.

Example of do follow link:

<a href=”https://www.abc.com”> blog </a>

By default, all hyperlinks are Dofollow. So you will not need to do anything to make a link do follow. To add no follow just add rel = “nofollow”.

Said Nofollow and Dofollow link should be used


If you are linking to a high-quality website.If you have copied someone’s original work as a reference


Low-quality websites such as casinos, gambling or etc sites with Unrelated content. 

Affiliate links

Comment section because there are maximum chances of spamming here.Is there a link Nofollow or how to check Dofollow

Right-click on the link you want to check in your browser and choose “Inspect Element”. You will have a window open with its HTML code. There you can see whether the link is do-follow or Nofollow.

Important Notice: –

Placing the nofollow link at the bottom of the page has the least impact and when it is placed at the top, it has a different effect.

When and where should I use Do follow and No follow links?

Do follow

If you know that the website you are linking to is a high-quality authoritative website.Websites with High Domain Authority.If you have copied the content from someone’s website, then to mention the source.To link the Same Niche’s blogs.


To link unrelated content. For example, suppose your website is on health and you want to give a link to the fashion website. If for some reason you have to link low-quality websites like Betting, Gambling, etc.

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